A Ripper is a specialized type of hacker who uses a black market version of open-sourced Neural SubNet (NSN) technology for hacking purposes. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's game mode Breach, the player takes the role of a Ripper attempting to access secure information stored in the Palisade Blades.

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"RIPPERS [rip-ers]: The next-generation of hackers who use virtual reality simulations to extract data from secure corporate servers.

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Breach Intro Sequence

Rippers use a black-market version of NSN to enter a 3D representation of a server's subnet cloud. Replacing the need for cracking complex computer code, the intuitive interface of the NSN virtual reality world made hacking accessible to anyone. As a result, Rippers emerged in great numbers.[1]

According to ShadowChild, Rippers work to hack corporate servers to expose truths that the elites hide from the masses.

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