Robots of various types appear in Deus Ex. Some robots are adversarial, while others offer services that may be utilized by the player.

Gameplay Edit

In Deus Ex, objects classified as robots have the following characteristics in common

  • Robots are immune to the gas and radiation damage.
  • Robots take 25% damage against fire damage, and ballistic damage, excluding turrets and sabot shells.
  • Robots take 50% damage against the riot prod.
  • Robots have a separate hit counter, called EMP Hit Points, to account for damage taken against EMP attacks. Once enough EMP damage is taken, the robot shuts down.
  • Robots switch alliances temporarily when hit by scramble grenades.
  • Robots explode when destroyed, causing damage to the surrounding.

List of robots Edit

Security robotsEdit

Service robotsEdit

Other Edit

Notes Edit

  • An additional robot, SecurityBot4, does not appear in the game's story but can be summoned by console commands.
  • SecurityBot1, a bot completely cut from the game.

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