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Ron Temple is a member of the United States Secret Service in the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, which is set in 2026 and 2027.


Temple is described as having a long career in the Secret Service. In 2026, Temple is the supervisor of Anna Kelso, who is recovering from an attack by unknown assailants while on an assignment to escort Senator Jane Skyler while the senator was meeting with Caidin Global CEO Garret Dansky. The attack had left Kelso's colleague, Matt Ryan, dead. Temple tells Kelso that the assailants were linked to the Red Arrow Triad. Kelso, however, knows that this can't be right.

Months later, when Kelso learns from hackers that the assailants were a group known as "Tyrants", Ron Temple dismisses the theory and accuses Kelso of acting out of protocol by working with hackers with connections to cyberterrorists. Temple then places Kelso on involuntary medical leave and informs Kelso that she will be discharged from the Service after the leave expires.

Later, Kelso breaks into the Secret Service headquarters in Washington D.C., discovering that Temple had been supplying information to the Tyrants. Kelso is captured but attempts to accuse Temple of being a traitor. In response, Temple tells Kelso that she should have stayed away from investigating the Tyrants. Temple tells Kelso that "they" have people everywhere, and that he was forced into working with the Tyrants because of threats to him and his family. Temple then orders agents Craig Tyler and Drake to transport Kelso off-site to be executed off-the-record by mercenaries, but Kelso escapes along the way with the help of the hacker D-Bar.

The Tyrant leader Jaron Namir now considers Temple to be a liability, and assign Ben Saxon, Scott Hardesty, and Gunther Hermann to terminate Temple. The Tyrants arrive at Temple's residence, where Temple is hosting a party, killing Temple's guests. While hiding from the Tyrants inside the basement of his home, Temple is surprisingly confronted by Kelso, who has also arrived to confront Temple. Temple blames Kelso for "compromising" him, resulting in the Tyrants now coming after him. Kelso attempts to extract Temple to preserve him as a witness, but Temple is killed by a grenade thrown by the Tyrants.