A member of the Rooks

The Rooks are Manhattan's ruling subway gang who operates in the abandoned Brooklyn Bridge Station. They are led by El Rey, "some punk with delusions of grandeur".


The Rooks are a small gang who deal in illegal drug and arms trade. Additionally, the NSF is recruiting them for special forces. None of the people who live in the underground tunnels seem to hold the Rooks in high regard, and a drug dealer called Rock tells JC, that they're a bunch of amateurs trying to play criminals.

They are involved in a quest, where El Rey asks JC to kill Rock for getting in the way of their businesses. If the player kills Rock, El Rey will give him a LAM. Alternatively the player can kill all of the male Rooks members, and El Rey will offer JC the LAM as a sign of peace. The rooks are only encountered in the mole people station.


  • The name Rooks might come from a species of birds in the crow family, or from the rook chess pieces (also known as "castles").
  • JoJo Fine is possibly a gangmember, as he hasn't an important role in the NSF.