Run Silent is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex.

Run Silent
"The necessary muscle movements for complete silence when walking or running are determined continuously with reactive kinematics equations produced by embedded nanocomputers."
Deus Ex description

It is the complement of Speed Enhancement - JC Denton must choose one or the other when installing the augment in the Legs slot.

Tiers Edit

  • TECH ONE: Sound made while moving is reduced slightly.
  • TECH TWO: Sound made while moving is reduced moderately.
  • TECH THREE: Sound made while moving is reduced significantly.
  • TECH FOUR: An agent is completely silent.

Energy Rate: 40 Units/Minute


In addition to quieting the player's footsteps, this augmentation will also eliminate the sounds from jumping, landing, and swimming.


  1. In Hell's KitchenNSF warehouse in Hell's Kitchen. It's in a drawer in a small room containing with a security computer and a desktop computer in there. Under the desk is a safe containing the augmentation.
  2. In UNATCO HQ – Med Center. After the return from the airfield mission. Into Jaime's medical closet. The augmentation can be found on a cart inside.
  3. Found in the Universal Constructor Chamber on Versalife Level 2.
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