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Russia (known officially as the Russian Federation until 2016 and as the Russian Federated States afterwards) is a country in northern Eurasia, with capital in Moscow. It is one of the locations in Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and Deus Ex: The Fall.


Following the collapse of Communism and the abject failure of the new Russian state to provide a viable alternative led to a breakdown of law and order that allowed the Russian mob to seize power, becoming oligarchs and the real power in Russia, exploiting the economic hardship of the Russian people. Eventually, the situation was formalized,[1] as new elections in the Russian Federation heralded sweeping changes across the region as a series of newly elected officials took power in a bloodless coup d‘etat. Following the election, the Russian Federation became the Russian Federated States.[2] Russia did not fully break ties with the USSR: It was a notable actor in bioweapon experiments and later human augmentation, continuing the Soviet-era Biopreparat operations at Sverdlovsk, which would eventually come under full control of Majestic 12.[3]

Sometime in 2026, the United States had withdrew from NATO and the alliance ended up dissolving leaving the European Union left to defend for itself. With Europe alone, Russia began to act more aggressive towards their European neighbors and left the EU divided between those wanting to oppose Russia and those wanting to appease them.[4] The Aug Incident weakened the EU, forcing it to come to the negotiating table with the RFS, culminating in a trade treaty that allowed for Russian good and know-how to flow into the EU - along with Russian crime families, such as the Dvali, who quickly seized control of the European underground.[5] The RFS also capitalized on its growing power, admitting Afghanistan into the RFS at the end of 2029.[6] RFS intelligence operatives also operated in the EU, aiming to secure information about new energy technologies, to maintain their edge in the energy market - including experimental biomass energy tech.[7]

Of course, direct means were also employed. Tensions between Canada and Russia culminated in a threat of deploying Russian troops to Northern Canada, in what was named the Arctic War.[8] However, RFS weren't invincible: In at least one instance, a major break-in at the Koltsovo Vector Institute defeated Russian security, leading to a theft of some of the only smallpox samples in existence.[9]

By the early 2050s, the RFS had further expanded and consolidated its power by joining forces with Mexican drug lords, creating the Russo-Mexican Alliance. The confederation of oligarchs from both sides of the Pacific, coupled with the nuclear capability inherited from the Soviet Union, made Russia a volatile actor on the global stage - and one that was notably free of Majestic 12's influence.[1] The RMA was too uncoordinated and decentralized to mount an effective attack, except for the Texas Invasion, where the RMA launched a semi-successful, but disorganized attack on one of the most divided states in the US.[10] The chaos of the invasion and violence did result in significant casualties on both sides, enough to remain in the memories of medical personnel who served there.[11]

Following the Collapse of 2052 Russia suffered massive famines. As a survival measure, Russian nanotechnology researchers created what later became known as the Omar.

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  • The opening sequence of Deus Ex: The Fall briefly shows a 3D model of one of the Russia's most famous landmarks, Saint Basil's Cathedral.
  • There are magazine covers in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided featuring an article saying "The President wants the U.S. to be a communist country," written by one Vladimir Putin, the real world President of the Russian Federation.
  • In Deus Ex, an email on Smuggler's computer shows the email domain SOVNET, in apparent reference to the Soviet Union.


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