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The Russo-Mexican Alliance (RMA) is an armed coalition formed by the Russian mafia and Mexico-based drug lords mentioned in the backstories of the Deus Ex Bible. In these backstories, the RMA is at war with the United States in the early 2050s and had invaded Texas.

During the development of Deus Ex, the RMA was originally written as a major faction for the game's story, but was entirely cut by name from the final game. This faction is not mentioned by name in any official media other than the Deus Ex Bible, and only small fragments of its former plot role appear in Deus Ex.

Development history[]

In Shooter: Majestic Revelations, an early precursor to Deus Ex, the RMA was originally designed to be a major antagonistic faction and would have been featured in planned missions taking place in Texas. In the plot of Majestic Revelations, the United States is at war with the RMA, which had launched an invasion of Texas. In a series of missions taking place during the middle portion of the plot, JC Denton travels to Austin, Texas where he meets Stanton Dowd, who is leading an armed force that is defending the capitol building against the RMA. It is also revealed that the RMA's invasion of Texas is part of Majestic 12's plot to take control over the United States.

Later in the game's development, the Texas portion of the Majestic Revelations plot was entirely cut from the game's missions, along with the name "Russo-Mexican Alliance." According to Warren Spector and Steve Powers, the Texas missions were cut because depicting an invading army and a full-scale battle was not feasible under technical constraints.[1][2] Stanton Dowd was repurposed to appear in New York in the final game. Although the RMA was entirely cut by name along with the Texas portion of the game, the general backstory of the RMA was included in the Deus Ex Bible.

In the released game, a remanent of the original plotline can be found in an email by J. Allred on Alice Priest's computer, in which Allred writes: "There were some stretches in Texas when the fighting got so bad that it seemed like there was nothing but wounded people wherever I went, that was all I saw, just wounds to be bandaged."

The character Juan Ivanovich Lebedev was originally written as a drug lord with ties to the RMA. After the revisions to the storyline, Lebedev was repurposed in the story as a financer of the National Secessionist Forces while retaining his original name which contains a mix of Spanish and Russian name words.

Backstory in the Deus Ex Bible[]

This section includes backstory contents from the Deus Ex Bible that were entirely cut from the final game and are not referenced by other media in the series.

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