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SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) are elite tactical police units specializing in paramilitary operations.


SWAT units are trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers. SWAT teams are often equipped with military firearms and a heavy body armor.


In 2027, SWAT operating in Detroit are almost in constant operation against riots, and terrorist groups like Purity First and New Sons of Freedom.

SWAT first appear in the siege at the Sarif Manufacturing Plant in Detroit, angry at being ordered to stay back at the request of David Sarif. SWAT's opinion of Adam Jensen changes based on how Jensen handled the situation at the plant, for example getting angry at Jensen if he slaughtered the Purity First members and let Ezekiel Sanders ecape, or a more positive opinion if Jensen managed to rescue the hostages and arrest Zeke Sanders while not killing the Purity First members attacking the plant. Some SWAT officers appear on standby inside the Detroit Police Station. Later on, SWAT are shown battling protesters during the return to Detroit.


  • In 2029, the Prague police fields augmented personnel known as "E-SWAT" operatives.[1]
  • The heavily armored variant of the Prague police that appears Mankind Divided are labeled as "SWAT" in various concept art. However, this terminology is not used in-game.