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Sabot is a damage type in Deus Ex. Sabot damage is caused exclusively by 12 gauge sabot shells used by the assault shotgun and sawed-off shotgun.

Special properties[]

Any amount of sabot damage affects turrets, alarm panels, and security cameras, with incoming damage below their minimum damage threshold of 50 being halved instead of nullified.[1]

  • In practice, since individual pellets from shotgun blasts do not reach the minimum damage threshold of 50, sabot shells will simply always deal half damage to turrets, alarm panels, and cameras. The ability to inflict half damage on such objects still permits sabot shells to destroy them, whereas standard shells inflict no damage on these objects.
  • This property is part of the DeusExDecoration class and applies only to objects in that class, which include the aforementioned security devices.
  • This property does not apply to objects in the DeusExMover class, which include doors, cabinet panels, and other structural objects. Thus, sabot shells cannot damage mover-class objects whose minimum damage threshold is above the damage of individual pellets.


  • No non-player character, animal, or robot has any resistance to sabot damage. Therefore, sabot damage will always inflict full damage on enemies.
  • Laser tripwire emitters, unlike the above security devices, are fully immune to sabot damage.[2]
  • Although enemies do not use this damage type, Ballistic Armor gives the player resistance to sabot damage.


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