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Safe harbour initiative

Electronic poster seen at the Apex Centre in London

The Safe Harbour Initiative is a project of the Santeau Group. The project aims to promote the creation of housing complexes for augmented people. The most important of these housing complexes is Rabi'ah, the flagship project of the initiative.[1]

The Safe Harbour Initiative is mentioned on many occasions in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, most notably the Safe Harbour Convention held in the Apex Centre in London.

Background Edit

The Safe Harbour Initiative is the brainchild of Santeau CEO Nathaniel Brown. After the Aug Incident, Brown turned to an augmented labor force in order to complete the construction of Rabi'ah.[2] However, Brown's embrace of augmented workers, who became socially oppressed after the Aug Incident, eventually led him to become entrenched in social politics, culminating in the Safe Harbour Initiative.[3]

Although Santeau presents the Initiative as having the charitable intention of creating safe havens for socially-oppressed augmented people, its core purpose is to gather investment money from wealthy investors.[4]

Safe Harbour Convention Edit

Santeau planned to utilize the convention to unveil Rabi'ah to investors.[5] However, after the Illuminati orchestrated various events to support passage of the Human Restoration Act, which would inflict great financial loss on Santeau, Brown also utilizes the convention to rally support against the passage of the Human Restoration Act. At the Apex Centre, Brown hosts various United Nations delegates to persuade them to vote against the Act. In response, the Illuminati deploy Viktor Marchenko and Shadow Operatives to assassinate Brown and the delegates.


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