Salar Alam leads the Jinn cartel along with his twin brother Wasim. Salar is known under the aliases Bull of the North and Heart of the Jinn.[2]


Salam is ex-military.

During the Aug Incident, his brother Wasim saved his life.[2]

In 2029, the Jinn have laid the groundwork for a lucrative arms deal with black market arms dealer Sheppard. Salar intends to use these arms, which include military-grade augmentations, to equip new soldiers recruited from the Rabi'ah shantytown.[3]

Salam entrusts Arun Singh with the task of meeting with Sheppard to complete the deal. Singh, an Interpol agent undercover in the Jinn, had gained the trust of Salar, who tells Singh that his future with the Jinn is bright.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Salar is described as a charismatic leader. He parades his augmentations around proudly whenever and whenever he likes. The hatred of augs from groups around the world has only emboldened him and his organization.[2]



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