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Samuel Duarte is a mechanically augmented soldier, a supporting character in the book Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and an antagonist in the game Deus Ex: The Fall.


Sam Duarte was born the son of J. Duarte. Sam became a member of Belltower's Strike Team Six, an elite commando force led by Ben Saxon, and joined them in numerous conflicts around the world. Sam held the rank of corporal.

Operation Rainbird[]

In 2026, Sam and Strike Team Six take part in Operation Rainbird, intended to be a quick strike against rival forces in Australia's civil war. Even though Belltower has assured them that the mission will be entirely safe, the transport plane is suddenly attacked by a drone, which downs the plane. In the ensuing crash, the team is wiped out, save for Saxon and Sam. On the ground, Saxon witnesses Sam's apparent death by the drone's heavy cannon as it doubles back over the site.[1]

Saxon later joins the Tyrants, only to defect upon learning that Jaron Namir, the Tyrants commander, was responsible for the drone attack during Operation Rainbird. En route to escaping from the Tyrants, Saxon accuses Namir of causing the death of Sam and the others. In response, Namir tells Saxon that Sam was "expendable," as were others on his team.[1] However, unbeknownst to Saxon, Sam actually survived the drone attack.

Encounter with Saxon in Panama City[]

Eventually, Ben Saxon seeks refugee in Sam's parents' safe house in Costa Rica. Saxon later travels to Panama City. In Panama City, World Health Organization inspector Stuart St. John has discovered that Riezene is a deadly drug and that Belltower has been covering up Riezene-related deaths.

When Saxon arrives at the inspector's suite in Hotel Etana to warn the inspector that his resolve to go public with his discovery will put his life in danger, Sam jumps through the window and kills the inspector. Jaron Namir orders Sam to kill the Saxon, whom Namir calls a traitor, but Sam hesitates. Lawrence Barrett then orders Sam to vacate the building. Later, Sam apologizes for failing to kill Saxon and assures Namir that Ben Saxon will die.[2]

"The failure... was mine, commander. It won't happen again. Ben Saxon... will die."
— Sam Duarte to Jaron Namir


  • Game files of The Fall indicate that in the intended continuation of the game's storyline, Sam captures Anna Kelso and is later confronted by Ben Saxon on the roof of a building in New York. This part of the storyline was never released, however.