Sandra Renton is the daughter of Gilbert Renton, the owner and operator of the run-down "'Ton Hotel" located in Hell's Kitchen.

Background[edit | edit source]

"When given the choice between living in a dim and dusty old hotel run by her overprotective father or out on the streets where everything feels alive and real, if dangerous, Sandra Renton chose the streets. She may not really be happy with her current career choice and her bad taste in men, but at least she's not rotting in an overstuffed chair in front of the TV. There's unhappy, and there's unhappy. She's chosen the right one for her, so feeling sorry for her won't get you anywhere.

Sandra is a good source for "word on the street." She's not as professionally mercenary as Harley Filben, and will usually talk to anyone who does her a good turn, or talks to her like she's a real person. She might not know where every secret panel or grate leads to, but she's a people person, and has a good idea who's doing what, and usually where and why."

— description of Sandra Renton, Deus Ex

Due to the 'Ton's declining profits, Sandra has been tasked with maintaining the hotel in place of paid employees while her father works reception. Cleaning up the mess left by prostitutes, thugs, and junkies on a daily basis has left Sandra despising her lot in life, and she seeks to escape the 'Ton by any and all means necessary. When Sandra agrees to work for local thug and part-time NSF operative, JoJo Fine, Gilbert becomes enraged, and the two begin a bitter dispute that ultimately leads Sandra to abandon her father and the 'Ton to live wherever she can get by, which is usually in abandoned buildings and crackhouses. As one of JoJo's working girls, she is exploited, beaten, abused, and threatened by JoJo's enforcers, who force her to receive clients at all hours of the day. Eventually, the abuse becomes too much for Sandra, and she attempts to escape JoJo's clutches by hiding away with her friend and colleague, Janey. One of JoJo's enforcers, Johnny, eventually locates and corners Sandra as she attempts to find the secret entrance to Smuggler's hideout to plead for his assistance in escaping New York City. Johnny attempts to force Sandra to continue receiving clients, but is met with resistance by Sandra, who refuses to sell herself for JoJo's gain any further.

Deus Ex[edit | edit source]

Sandra's fate depends upon the actions of JC Denton. JC will arrive shortly before Johnny attempts to kill Sandra for refusing to comply with his demands. If JC does not intervene, Sandra will be killed. However, should JC rescue Sandra, she will provide information pertaining to the location of Smuggler's lair in return for assisting her. Ultimately, Sandra may reunite with her father, or flee New York, intending to head to Eugene, Oregon. En route, she meets JC at a gas station near Vandenberg, when he is sent to rescue Tiffany Savage.

If Sandra decides to stay with her father after her encounter with JoJo at the 'Ton, she will appear at the Underworld tavern when JC goes to Hell's Kitchen to meet Stanton Dowd. She's there to meet her old highschool friend, a marine named Vinny, who will offer JC a chance to slip into the Brooklyn Naval Shipyards. Sandra assures JC that Vinny is trustworthy.

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