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Sarif Industries is a moderately-sized but extremely advanced biotechnology company based in North America, with its headquarters in the city of Detroit. The company is founded in 2007 and ceases operations in 2028 when Tai Yong Medical performs a hostile takeover of it.[1]


Founded by the philanthropist David Sarif in 2007 when he acquired a failing Detroit auto factory, it was repurposed for the automated manufacture of prosthetics. Sarif Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced mechanical augmentations for human implantations. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors by working with clients to create progressive, forward-thinking, custom augmentations that answer specific challenges and needs. It strongly believes that the research, development and implementation of augmentations is a measure of human advancement towards a better, stronger, faster and smarter future.

In 2009, the U.S. Government, stretched thin by two Mideast conflicts, awards the contract of the Recycle Military Bill, financing free prosthetics for any wounded veteran who re-enlists, to Sarif Industries, which becomes the number one prosthetics manufacturer in America.[2]

On November 30, 2010, Sarif announces the launch of the Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis capable of restoring sight to those with a once incurable optic nerve damage and other visual impairments.[3]

In 2017, in an attempt to catch up to the rapid advancements of rival nations, the U.S. military awards Sarif a top secret no-bid contract to manufacture deep-brain intelligence-enhancing chips.[2]

In 2026, in response to increased level of competition and shrinking marketplace, Sarif realizes the need for an all-new, high-level security team to protect its research and employees.[2] A team is formed and implemented, featuring highly-trained personnel and a veteran leader in ex-SWAT member: Adam Jensen. In 2027, members of the anti-augmentation group Humanity Front protest against Sarif's augmentation program, in front of the Sarif Headquarters in Detroit.

Following the Aug Incident, Sarif is hit with crippling regulatory measures as a result of the recently passed Taggart Act. This, along with the cancellation of many of their outstanding contracts and heightened anti-augmentation sentiment from the public, proves to be their undoing and, in 2028, Sarif Industries declares bankruptcy, with the bulk of its assets and patents being acquired by Tai Yong Medical.[4]

The Company[]

In 2027, Sarif Industries employs over 1500 people in the Detroit greater metropolitan area, in its local core factory and satellite research and development facilities.[5] The company maintains an in-house staff of doctors and nurses in addition to HET (Human Enhancement Technologies) scientists and researchers, who are trained to work with clients to determine individual needs. The company offers clients comprehensive, pre-operational screenings free of charge, so as to better understand their personal challenges and needs.[5]


Kidnapped scientists[]

Dxhr memorialphoto

Memorial photo of lost Sarif Industries scientists

The following scientists were kidnapped during the Tyrants' attack on the Sarif Industries headquarters in 2027:

Miscellaneous named employees[]

The following employees are confirmed employees of Sarif Industries, but their job titles are not known.

Sarif Industries Headquarters employees
  • Clayton Green
  • Rhonda Mitchell
  • Jerry Maher
  • Dorrie Harris
  • Brian Tindall (Formerly)
  • Tim Carella
  • Diane Gonzales
  • Nouella Cook
  • Mika Pine
  • Will Rosellini
  • Walt Cannon
  • Ted Bruger
  • J. Kwasi Peterson
  • Andrea van Wesel
  • Heather Stichner
  • Michelle Krutcher
  • Emile Stanoslovski
  • Denzel Mitchell
  • Bill Dobel
  • Cal Lopez
  • Cindy Martinez
Sarif Manufacturing Plant employees
  • Philip Mancuso
  • Joseph Smith
  • Samantha Barby
  • Rick Callahan
  • Peggie Kline
  • Forrest Marchand
  • Robert McCauflin
  • Tim Caldwell
  • M. Ross
  • Foster Brooks
  • V. Clark
  • M. Latona
  • Clint Parker
  • Shantel Grimes




Sarif Industries website

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As part of Human Revolution's marketing campaign, a viral marketing website for Sarif Industries was released. It was designed as if it was the company's website in-universe, and contained videos and articles explaining the company, its products, and its history, as well as various other content and interactive features. The site was discontinued in late 2020.


  • Before the release of Deus Ex, a UNATCO website was put online, as a marketing strategy. The same thing happened in 2011 with Human Revolution and Sarif Industries.
  • "Sarif" is a play on the word "seraph" (a.k.a. seraphim), a type of angel (a member of the highest order of angels, often represented as a child's head with wings). It can also be an allusion to serifs in typography, which are extra lines on the ends of letters, representing the extremities offered by Sarif Industries. The word serif is probably of Germanic origin, and most likely comes from the Old High German "screvōn" to engrave (in this case, to augment or embellish). It should also be noted that Sarif Industries logo uses a serif typeface called Trajan Pro.




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