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The Sarif Manufacturing Plant in Milwaukee Junction, Detroit is a facility operated by Sarif Industries in 2027. After the Aug Incident, the facility was shut down.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution[]

The manufacturing plant is a location featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Adam Jensen is sent here to take part in his first mission since his extensive augmentations in 2027. A group of Purity First guerrillas led by Zeke Sanders storm the Sarif Industries plant and take the employees hostage. SWAT is already present on site but under pressure from David Sarif in order to allow Jensen to defuse the situation. Sarif's main priority is to find and secure the prototype of the Typhoon Explosive System, while the rescue of the hostages is only second on his list of priorities.

There are four main areas in this location: Shipping and Receiving, Assembly Labs, Factoring Labs and the Admin Building.

Deus Ex: Black Light[]

In Deus Ex: Black Light, Francis Pritchard recounts that the plant was closed after the Aug Incident.

Later, in early 2029, the abandoned plant was being looted by Motor City Bangers, who were being used by the Illuminati to extract military-grade augmentations that still remained at the plant. In the events of Black Light, Adam Jensen, with the help of Stacks, destroys the plant to prevent further looting.

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