"The detonation of a GUARDIAN scramble grenade broadcasts a short-range, polymorphic broadband assault on the command frequencies used by almost all bots manufactured since 2028. The ensuing electronic storm causes bots within its radius of effect to indiscriminately attack other bots until command control can be re-established. Like a LAM, scramble grenades can be attached to any surface."
— description of Scramble Grenade, Deus Ex

The GUARDIAN Scramble grenade is a demolition skill weapon in Deus Ex.


The GUARDIAN Scramble grenade is a small yellow grenade with a blue center. When it detonates near an enemy robot, it will turn the robot against its masters.


  • Not only will the bot be an effective method of destroying any nearby bots, the enemies it decides to fight will weaken it enough to make it very easy for you to kill before the scramble wears off.
  • A robot under the effects of a Scramble grenade is an excellent distraction. Nearby enemies will attempt to take down the robot as soon as it starts attacking them, giving the player an excellent opportunity to slip by them. However, going back to the area with the robot later is not a good idea unless the player has anti-robot weapons available, as it will be hostile again.
  • For those that want to use a robot under the effects of a Scramble grenade as a way to sneak through a group of enemies, tossing the grenade without enemies or a robot seeing the player can be quite effective. This can be done by either bouncing the grenade off of a wall and having it land near the robot, or leaning near a wall, seeing where the robot is, and quickly tossing the grenade then retreating before anyone will see the player.
  • Generally, the bigger the robot, the more useful the Scramble grenade is. For example, a Page Bravo-3 Peacebringer can do quite a bit of damage when under the effects of a Scramble grenade, but a Page Delta-2 Peacebringer can destroy anything nearby with ease, including other robots. For example, using a Scramble grenade on the Delta-2 near above the sewer exit in Paris will ensure that every enemy near it will be dead.


The Scramble grenade is internally called the NanoVirusGrenade. However, according to the Deus Ex Bible, it would behave the same as it did in the final game.


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