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"Emits a viral electronic transmission identical in effect to the scrambler grenade. In alternate firing mode, it detonates after a brief duration."
— description of Scrambler Mine, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Scrambler prox mine is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Game item[]

The Scrambler prox mine is mounted on walls. When it blows up, it releases an explosion that will make any hostile robots friendly to the player for about 30 seconds. The robots will attack its former masters.

How the Scrambler mine explodes depends on the firing mode. The primary fire key makes the mine explode only when an enemy gets near it, while the alternate fire makes the grenade explode after about 10 seconds.

The mine will not go off if the player gets near it after it has been planted.


  • Scrambler mines should be placed on robot patrol routes, like with the EMP prox mine. When the robot walks near it while patrolling, it will set off the mine.
  • Enemies can also be lured to it. Plant a grenade, then shoot a robot to get its attention. From there, make it run into the mine.
  • These mines are useful for stealthily turning robots against enemies. The player can sneak up, plant a mine, and watch it go off and make the robot attack enemies without anyone seeing the player.