The Seattle Tarsus Academy is one of the Tarsus academies, located in Seattle.

Background Edit

In 2072, Dr. Leila Nassif and her team of scientists transfers Tarsus students Alex Denton and Billie Adams from Chicago to Seattle after Chicago is destroyed in a nanite attack by an Order Seeker. Not long after the team flees their Chicago location, the Seattle academy also comes under attack by the Order Church. Alex Denton and the other Tarsus cadets must make their escape to Seattle or be killed by Order Seekers.

Layout Edit

The Seattle Tarsus location is made up of three playable floors: The residential level, the recreation level and the lab level

Residential Level Edit

Tarsus Residential Level

The residential level provides housing for the Tarsus cadets. There are four apartments on this level: one for Alex Denton, Billie Adams, Klara Sparks and Leo Jankowski. Denton's apartment is in the southwest corner, Billie's is in the northwest, while Klara and Leo's apartments are in the northeast and southeast, respectively. There is a small vending area to the north of Denton's apartment.

Recreation Level Edit

The recreation level can be accessed via elevator from the residential level. It is used for training, and cadets can also exercise here in their down time. Leo Jankowski and Klara Sparks can both be found here during the attack on the academy. This area consists of two floors. On the top floor, Dr. Nassif can be found in an office area in the southernmost part of the compound. Further south the hall will open up in to a small room. There are stairs down to the main level in this room. Beyond the stairwell will be a medical station where Alex Denton can first meet Klara Sparks. To the east of the medical station, Alex can find the track area, which encircles a one-sided basketball court on the lower level. There is a locker room to the north of the court.


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