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The Secret Service is a United States federal law enforcement agency. Secret Service characters, including Anna Kelso, along with their headquarters in Washington, D.C., are featured in the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect.


In 2026, a Secret Service team including Anna Kelso and Matt Ryan are escorting senator Jane Skyler, who is meeting with Caidin Global CEO Garret Dansky. The group is attacked by the Tyrants, who kill Matt Ryan and Dansky, but the Tyrants leave the senator alive.

Months later in 2027, Kelso is put on involuntary leave by her supervisor, Ron Temple, after she had attempted to utilize hackers in order to investigate the Tyrants' attack. Temple also informs Kelso that she will be discharged from the Service after the leave. Kelso then breaks into the Secret Service headquarters in Washington D.C., discovering that Temple had been supplying information to the Tyrants, but is captured. Temple orders Craig Tyler and another agent to transport Kelso off-site to be executed off-the-record by mercenaries, but she escapes with the help of the hacker D-Bar.

Afterwards, Kelso arrives at Temple's private residence to confront him, but the place is under attack by the Tyrants, who have already killed many of Temple's guests. Temple blames Kelso for "compromising" him, resulting in the Tyrants now acting to terminate him. Kelso attempts to extract Temple, but Temple is killed by the Tyrants. Afterwards, Kelso is framed for the attack on Temple's residence.


In 2026, the Secret Service generally requires its field agents to be augmented with communications implants and other enhancements, including cyberoptics.