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The Secret Service Agent[1] is a cut non-player characters (NPC) class in Deus Ex portraying members of the U.S. Secret Service. Presumably, secret service agents were designed for the White House mission and possibly also for the Mount Weather mission, both of which were cut from the game. While unused in the final game, this character exists in the game files and can be summoned via console commands.


Secret service agents resemble men in black, but with a blue suit, a different skin tone, and an earphone on the head texture (rather than the Illuminati eye). Additionally, secret service agents are classified as civilian NPCs and have standard male civilian attributes, including a collision of height of 47.5 (5.94 feet tall) as opposed to the men in black's collision height of 52.25 (6.53 feet tall).



  1. "Secret Service Agent" is the familiar and unfamiliar label for the SecretService class.