ShadowChild's apartment is a location featured in the System Rift DLC of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The apartment is located in the Klímová Apartments complex of the Blade Plaza, and is ShadowChild's residence and base of operation.

ShadowChild's apartment spans two adjacent units (3A and 3B) in the Klímová Apartments. Marta Romanowski, who also resides at the apartment, is the registered tenant of both units.[1]

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The apartment contains a secret room that's accessible by revealing a keypad (code: 8222) hidden behind a painting in the bedroom. The entrance to the secret room is located in the bedroom closet.

The secret room is freely explorable prior to meeting with Pritchard at the Konvertz Kafé. Afterwards, entering the secret room will trigger a cutscene with ShadowChild, and will not be accessible after the cutscene.

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Items in the secret room (accessible only before meeting with Pritchard at the Konvertz Kafé):

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  • ShadowChild's secret room appears in the title screen for Breach.

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