Shannon inside UNATCO HQ.

Shannon is a character which appears in Deus Ex. She is an administrator at UNATCO Headquarters on Liberty Island.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

She steals weapons from the UNATCO armory and, with the cooperation of Kaplan, sells them on the streets. Their hiding place is beneath the floor in Alex Jacobson's office. She reveals that to JC Denton when he's escaping from UNATCO and offers him 3 scramble grenades for 1250 credits each.

She can be first encountered in the woman's bathroom during the first visit to the headquarters, where she will complain to Manderley, who will mention the situation during JCs first debriefing.

When the player returns from the NSF Warehouse mission, she can be found outside of the UNATCO restrooms speaking to a trooper. She will be terse with the player if the player had met her in the restroom before, otherwise, she will be friendly.

Like mentioned above, she can be encountered during the player's escape from UNATCO HQ in the lounge. If the player so desires, they can reveal Shannon's involvement to Carter, although he is already aware of it by that point.

Shannon is finally caught shortly afterwards, thanks to Simons' involvement.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "How unprofessional."
  • "Expecting a show?"
  • "Don't think I won't report this."
  • "Okay! I admit it! I'm the one who's been stealing from the HQ! It was me all along. Kaplan, the false floor in Alex's office, everything that's missing... It was me!"

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