DXMD trophy Data Disciple "For years they thought their secrets were safe...they were right. Until now."
— Spoilers for Breach follow!
DXMD trophy Data Disciple

Shorthand is a contact of ShadowChild who is an expert in medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical matters. In Breach, he serves as a consultant on these topics. 

Biography Edit

Shorthand is among the list of contacts given to the Ripper by ShadowChild when the Ripper begins working on Darknet Files. ShadowChild informs the Ripper that Shorthand can serve as a constant on medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical matters.  

"An expert in all things medical, surgical or pharmaceutical. If it has anything to do with a person's physical wellbeing, Shorthand can help. He is brilliant at what he does, but can be fairly impatient with those who are not medically inclined."
— ShadowChild's description of Shorthand

Interactions Edit

Shorthand appears in the following Darknet Files:

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