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Shotgun Ammo (Kaiga Ltd. 12-gauge) is the ammunition used by the Tactical Shotgun or its Devastator variant in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


Type Image Compatible weapons Buy Price Sell Price In-Game Description
Regular DXMD shotgun ammo regular Tactical Shotgun 30 credits 7 credits A box of 12-gauge, double-ought buckshot cartridges specially created for use in any shotgun-style firearm.
EMP DXMD shotgun ammo emp 45 credits 11 credits Designed for use against electronics such as robots, turrets, and cameras, these EMP shotgun shells will also temporarily disable augmented targets.
AP DXMD shotgun ammo ap Devastator 75 credits 18 credits A box of armor-piercing 12-gauge, double-ought buckshot cartridges specially created for use against heavily armored targets, including robots. They have a wide damage spread perfect for close-quarters combat but are weak at further ranges.

For information on ammo types, see ammunition. For additional gameplay information, see the corresponding article for the weapon. Prices listed above are prices per ammo round.

Notable locations[]

Regular Ammo[]

  • Shotgun Regular Ammo is commonly encountered, since the Tactical Shotgun is widely used by armed characters throughout the game.
  • Can be purchased from Mikael Mendel and Louis Gallois.

EMP Ammo[]

  • Can be purchased from Mikael Mendel and Louis Gallois.

Armor Piercing Ammo[]

  • 20 rounds can be purchased from Tars during the first visit to Prague (despite that the weapon is not available until the second visit).
  • 50 rounds can be purchased from Mikael Mendel during the second and third visits to Prague.
  • 10 rounds are found in a weapon case in the locked storage area near The Music Box.
  • A further 10 rounds are located inside a high level safe hidden behind a fridge on the second floor of one of the abandoned buildings facing towards the helipad in Chikane's shop. There's a fairly large quantity of crafting materials on the first floor of the same building, as well.
  • On your second visit to Prague, another 10 rounds are located inside the security office of the Red Queen, in a high level safe. The safe holds a substational amount of money, as well.
  • During the third visit to Prague, 15 rounds are found in the Police Station where the Devastator is located. The Devastator is initially located with 6 rounds.
  • In London, the Devastator found in the CSO is loaded with 16 rounds.
  • Also in London, a shadow op mercenary can be encountered who has 10 AP rounds in his inventory.

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