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"Sid is a former RAF pilot who liberated a Harrier jet shortly after the Collapse. Since then he has been a globe-hopping mercenary and fugitive. The sun has set on the British Empire, so to keep his jet he only has to keep it safe from other scoundrels like himself. The smuggling business is booming, and there isn't any job he won't attempt, for the right price. He always enjoys a good dogfight and any chance to come off a hero. After a job, he parks himself at the nearest scabby bar and can be found bending the ear of any young lady willing to listen to his stories. He is a legendary figure in the criminal underground, at least in his own mind."
— Description of Sid Black, 2072, Deus Ex: Invisible War

Sid Black is a character in Deus Ex: Invisible War. He is a waggish Harrier jet pilot who will take Alex Denton to different locations for a fee.


Sid Black is a Freelance Pilot staying in the Greasel Pit in Seattle while Alex is in town. He has lost his plane, the Harrier, to Sophia Sak who keeps it in her private hangar behind the Heron's Loft Apartments. If Alex kills the SSC guards and Sak, Sid will fly Alex to Mako Ballistics at a discount price (discount for female Alex only), and he will fly Alex from map to map for a fee, but he will drop them off closer to their goal than the other pilot, Ava Johnson.

  • Sid will drop Alex off on the roof of Mako Ballistics, so that Alex will not have to traverse the courtyard.
  • In Cairo, Alex will be automatically dropped off inside the Cairo Arcology, opposed to Ava Johnson, who drops them off in the Cairo Medina.
  • In Trier, the difference in distance is very small and there are no hostile enemies, so Alex will lose money by riding here with Sid.
  • Before Alex leaves for Liberty Island, Sid will offer to use the Harrier's Sunfire missiles on locations of Alex's choice for 2000 credits each. If Alex pays, Sid will just drop them off in front of UNATCO HQ and leave with the money in hand. This is not a bug, just Sid ripping Alex off.