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System Rift

Simona Saridakis was one of the chief designers of the digital lavawalls for the Palisade Bank Corporation. She worked on them with Palisade's CTO Masaaki Oshiro until he had her killed and covered it up by claiming she was a thief.


Simona Saridakis was once Masaaki Oshiro's partner in programming the protective lavawalls that defend the corporate servers of Palisade's clients from Rippers and other hackers. On the day she died, she was writing an email on her pocket secretary to her husband apologizing for a fight she had with him earlier that morning. She said she was not mad at him, she was just stressed because she found a bug in the system that temporarily moved their clients' new data to the Blade Mainframe, and took her frustrations out on him. She concluded the email by stating she found it funny that Oshiro asked her to look into a maintenance issue in Chamber 209 at the last minute because 209 was the address of their first something, but did not state what because she apparently died before she could finish or send it.

As it turns out, Simona was close to uncovering an illegal insider trading scheme that Masaaki and his wife, Palisade's CEO Ashani Talwar, were conducting with their clients' private data. Oshiro tricked Simona into going into Chamber 209 so he could lock her in and kill her with the Vacuum Defense System (toxic gas emitters) before she could tell anyone what she had found.

Due to Czech Republic's pro-corporate laws, Simona's death was not properly investigated because the police were not allowed in the Chamber 209. Oshiro and Talwar subsequently claimed that Simona was a thief, and that her death was only proof of the effectiveness of Palisade's defenses. Palisade stock prices went up a significant percentage as a result of these claims.

Simona's husband Niko was not fooled by Oshiro's story, and he not only refused Palisade's multiple attempts to silence him with payoffs, but also sent the CTO a number of angry emails and actively protested near the entrance of the Palisade Blade, loudly claiming his wife's innocence and Oshiro's guilt.

During the events of System Rift, Adam Jensen can uncover up to four pieces of incriminating evidence proving Niko's story, and depending on the player's actions may release said evidence to the Darknet or Saridakis' lawyer. If the latter, Eliza Cassan will make a news report on Picus TV indicating the local lawyer has uncovered evidence implicating Oshiro and Talwar. [2]


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