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The Singularity Church of the Machine God is a quasi-religious cult that formed following the emergence of augmentation technology. The Church believes that with technology, humanity will evolve beyond flesh and blood, and during an event known as the "Singularity", individual consciousness will merge to form something that transcends death.[1]

They appear to worship a sort of deity called the MachineGod, and believe that augmented people have been chosen by the MachineGod as his people.[2]

Prague Splinter Group[edit | edit source]

Allison Stanek runs a splinter group of this cult from an apartment complex in Prague. Among the Prague group, Stanek is known as "the mother." However, an email on Allison Stanek's computer from Gregory Townsley reveals that her church is not part of the official church. Townsley also tells her that he'll be taking legal action against her for using their name.

Members of the Prague group seek to accomplish a feat which they call "Ascension," which refers to the merging of their consciousness with that of the MachineGod. One member of the church, Josef Severn, known as the "builder," constructed a machine intended for this purpose. However, when Severn had doubts as to the whether the machine will work as intended, he was cast out of the church by Staněks for lacking faith.[3]

During the mission M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker, Adam Jensen attempts to dissuade Allison Stanek from proceeding with the Ascension. If this mission is not completed, or if Jensen fails to persuade Stanek, the Ascension process will proceed, and Stanek and other cultists who enter the machine will be shown as dead.

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