The Skulls are a gang operating in Panama City in 2027. The Skulls appear in Deus Ex: The Fall.

History Edit

In 2027, the Skulls have a notable presence in Panama City, operating from the city slums. According to Cobra, the skulls run half of the city and the local police let them be most of the time.

The Illuminati utilize the Skulls to distribute Riezene in Panama City, as part of a field test for the drug. The Skulls receive the drug from Belltower operatives. In return, the Skulls assist Belltower in keeping those who die from the drug off the streets.[1] Belltower's operation in Panama City and its involvement with the Skulls are discovered by Ben Saxon.

References Edit

  1. Dialogue with Diego (if he is persuaded to reveal the Skull's role in distributing RIezene).
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