Smuggler (also referred to as "the Smuggler"), is an arms dealer who operates in Hell's Kitchen, New York City in 2052. He is found in his underground hideout, Smuggler's Lair.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Smuggler is an eccentric businessman who has found his niche as a black market arms dealer. Smuggler has done business with prominent members of the National Secessionist Forces, including Decker Parkes and Juan Lebedev.[1] According to Alex Jacobson, UNATCO files show that Smuggler is "whacked-out paranoid."[2] True to this description, the entrance to Smuggler's living quarters is well guarded by traps.

Some time before JC Denton's arrival in Hell's Kitchen to locate an NSF generator, Smuggler's friend Ford Schick had been forced to work for Majestic 12 in a secret lab in the sewers. When Ford disappeared, Smuggler consulted with the Oracle AI for information on disappearance.[1] Smuggler would eventually learn that Ford is being held in a secret lab in the sewers.

When Stanton Dowd gives JC the task of scuttling a super-freighter docked at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyards, Dowd advises JC to visit Smuggler for explosives. Meanwhile, UNATCO has been on a manhunt for JC Denton and is about to raid Hell Kitchen, which would put Smuggler in danger of being caught in the middle. Smugger may or may not evade the UNATCO raid, depending on whether he is tipped by JC to flee.

Description[edit | edit source]

The way the people on the street talk about him, you might expect the Smuggler to be a crazy old guy with greasy hair, walking around in a trench coat with his pockets stuffed full of illicit goods. As it is, he's merely an eccentric businessman, who's found a niche in the market. The niche happens to be underground and well-fortified, but hey... it's not a niche if everyone's doing it.

The smuggler doesn't smuggle little stuff, he smuggles the kind of materiel Sam Carter has tons of but won't hand over to a young hothead like yourself. Of course, that's highly illegal and perhaps you ought to turn him in, but your mama didn't raise no fools. No, the smuggler is a handy ally, even if he does have his front porch booby-trapped. Frankly, if that were the kind of business you had, that's the way you'd set up houses, too.

Deus Ex official strategy guide, "The Smuggler: Arms Dealer"

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Smuggler can be encountered during each of the three visits to Hell's Kitchen, which is visited during the second, fourth and seventh missions. Smuggler offers items for sale during each of the three visits.

During the first visit to Hell's Kitchen, speaking to Smuggler will result in the secondary goal of rescuing his friend Ford Shick from the MJ12 lab in the sewers. After the successful rescue of Ford, Smuggler will lower his stock's prices and provide JC with additional information regarding the Majestic 12 conspiracy.

After JC's defection, Smuggler becomes a target for UNATCO and Majestic 12 forces, presumably due to his contact and interaction with the Denton brothers and the NSF in New York. JC's decisions during the third visit to Hell's Kitchen will decide Smuggler's fate. If JC fails to advises Smuggler to flee before the impending UNATCO raid on Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler is presumably killed or captured during the raid.

Sales inventory[edit | edit source]

First visit to Hell's Kitchen[edit | edit source]

Item Default Ford Schick Saved
Weapon Mod (Scope) 2100 700
Bioelectric cell 750 250
Tech goggles 3750 1125

Second visit to Hell's Kitchen[edit | edit source]

Due to what appears to be a bug or oversight, rescuing Ford will not affect Smuggler's prices during the second visit to Hell's Kitchen.

Item Default
Weapon Mod (Range) 2400
Napalm canister 2250
Weapon Mod (Clip) 1500

Third visit to Hell's Kitchen[edit | edit source]

The first set is available before talking to Dowd. The second set is available afterwards. Saving Ford does not affect prices here.

Item Default
Assault shotgun 7500
12 Gauge sabot shells 750
LAM x6* 3500

*Although Smuggler claims to be selling 5 here, you buy 6.

Item Default
Rockets x4 2500
LAM x6 2400

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