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Sneakers are mechanically augmented enemies in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall.


A type of Belltower Spec Ops, Sneakers are usually deployed with Ogres and Soldiers. All of their limbs are augmented, and some major ventral augs are also installed to allow invisibility and ballistic shielding.

Although Sneakers are not especially tough, and actually weaker than the typical soldier, they are capable of using the Glass-Shield Cloaking System and equipped with either a combat rifle, submachine gun, or revolver.


Although their cloaking makes them near undetectable, Sneakers will usually be shooting whenever possible and can also be seen moving on occasion - the environment ripples as they pass - giving away their location. Smart Vision will completely negate their cloak.

They are also somewhat more mobile than other enemy types, making them susceptible to mines (gas mines are recommended because the effect will last longer and possibly drop more hostiles).

Their helmets make them resistant to headshots, unless using a sniper rifle or pistol with armor piercing mod.

Simply hiding behind cover and striking once with a powerful weapon such as the sniper rifle or shotgun will finish them off quickly. A well-placed EMP grenade can cripple them, and a M1-A Frag Grenade can finish them off just as easily.


  • A Sneaker is part of Michael Zelazny's team during the side mission: Talion A.D.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The cloaker turntable in Deus Ex: The Fall is glitched and shows incorrect textures
    • It attempts to use the eny_sneaker_mat material instead of the correct eny_sneaker_new_mat.