Sobchak Security is a store at 24 Hlavní in Čistá Čtvrť, a district of Prague. The store is located to the southeast of the Task Force 29 Headquarters, and is in the business of selling parts and raw materials.

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The store is attended by Aurelius Milkovich, who offers a one-time inventory of crafting parts. The store has a basement containing various items and a safe with a security rating of 3. The basement is normally a restricted area. However, if given a vial of Neuropozyne, Milkovich will permit access to the basement.

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  • After being granted access to the basement, stepping through the doorway to the basement will trigger an "entering restricted zone" warning, and will alert the vendor and nearby police. This appears to be a bug.
  • A chat log saved on the Milkovich's computer states that the code to the basement safe is the year in which he and his friend, Kevlon Alexander, started working together. However, this information does not result in any usable code, and the safe is not opened by any sequence of combination resembling a plausible year.

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  • Sobchak Security is a reference to film The Big Lebowski in which a store with the same name appears.

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