Stalkers is a side quest in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is obtained by talking to Camila Cardoso after giving her proof of Belltower's involvement in illegal Riezene distribution.


Dr. Cardoso is being harassed by some punks who she refused treatment to. First they were stalking her at her workplace, now they have shown outside her apartment. The situation has gotten so bad that the good doctor had to send her kids away for safety. Find those creeps and teach them a lesson!

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Deal with the Thugs Stalking Camila's Hotel RoomEdit

Dr. Cardoso has moved to Hotel Etana in a bid to lose her stalkers. But they are now there as well. Head to the place in the Downtown district. Inside, go left to the southeast section of the map. Take the elevator to the upper floors. 

The doctor's room will be on the floor you arrive at. There are four thugs (armed with Combat rifles) you will have to deal with. One is to your left in a room with vending machines. Two are in Camila's room--one of them is looking out of the window, his back turned to you; the other is standing in front of a weak wall (so you can take him out from the adjacent room). The last one is at the end of the corridor around the corner. Take them out to complete the objective.

Talk to CamilaEdit

Once you are done, head back to Camila at the Downtown LIMB clinic. Tell her you have taken care of the thugs. You can accept or refuse her reward (credits or laser sight upgrade, depending on your choice).


  • If you refuse a reward, you earn the Boy Scout achievement.
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