"We're going to change the terms of engagement. It's our war, not theirs. We don't need cities or armies. We have the cells of human bodies. An invisible weapon, for an invisible war."
— Stan Carnegie

Dr. Stan Carnegie is the Chicago Tarsus Academy Director and an important member of Tarsus Academy and ApostleCorp in 2072.


In 2072, Stan Carnegie and Leila Nassif were discussing possibility of a terrorist attack on the Tarsus Academy in Chicago. When the city was destroyed by an agent of the Knights Templar using a nanite bomb, Stan gave the Tarsus students the order to run. They have escaped and boarded the helicopters, heading for the Seattle Tarsus Academy.

After this incident, a new attack occurred in the Seattle facility. Once again, Tarsus had been attacked, this time by the forces of the Order Church. Carnegie managed to escape and hide at ApostleCorp's undercover cell at Mako Ballistics, while Nassif fled to Cairo. Alex Denton met up with him later at Mako facility in Seattle, questioning Stan about the true purpose of ApostleCorp.

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