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Dr. Stansfield Christiansen is a sociology professor at Harvard University and an advocate of the Human Restoration Act.


In 2029, Picus TV is hosting a debate between Ny'ashia Akim and Christiansen on the merits of the Human Restoration Act. Christiansen is seen on an interview segment of Picus Worldwide News in a news segment on the Human Restoration Act.

Christiansen's view is that the Aug Incident has created a rift between augmented and naturals, and that the Human Restoration Act is necessary to impose a "time out" between the two groups. Christiansen also asserts that the Act will make augmented persons feel safe again, and that Act is intended to ensure that the augmented is safe from naturals as it is the other way around.

Christiansen's views are contested by Akim, who argues that the Human Restoration Act is not simply imposing a "time out," but instead would institutionalize domination over the augmented.