Stanton Dowd's computer is a computer found in Deus Ex. It is located in the Mausoleum in Lower East Side Cemetery, New York. The login is sdowd, the password is illuminati.


Humble RequestEdit

From: TT//UnderNet.0924.243.886
To: SDowd//UnderNet.4789.237.048
Subject: Humble Request

Mr. Dowd, I have long enjoyed our acquaintance and the many rewarding conversations we have had since the first meeting, I must apologize, then, if what I now ask strays beyond the boundaries of that relationship, but I feel we are in a position to benefit not just each other, but to avert a terrible tragedy from befalling all the peoples of the world.

I am sending an associate of mine to New York; I hope you will take the opportunity to meet with him. Through his efforts we have uncovered some clues to the nature of the "Gray Death" virus; it is artificially created, and appears to be connected to the Illuminati in some fashion -- or someone wishes us to believe that it is. Those responsible for the virus are delivering a shipment to New York aboard a superfreighter previously owned by you, currently registered as the "PRCS Wall Cloud."  No doubt the virus will be used to infect thousands more in an effort to create fear and confusion.

Any assistance you could give my associate and I in preventing the virus from being released will save untold lives.

My most humble thanks, and I hope this will find you in good health.

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