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The Statue of Liberty is a monument on Liberty Island in New York City, featured in Deus Ex and Invisible War.


In 2051, the statue was bombed, removing the head and torch, with the former preserved in a secondary monument near the base of the statue. The bombing was pinned on the French terrorist group Silhouette who had claimed that the United States did not deserve the gift of the statue from France,[1] and the public reaction allowed UNATCO to operate within the United States and set up its headquarters on the island. However, JC Denton later discovered that the statue was actually bombed by UNATCO as a false flag attack.[2]

Some time after the Collapse, JC Denton and the ApostleCorp rebuilt the statue with nanites.



  1. Chad Dumier: "We publicize certain things, like the Statue of Liberty bombing. It's just so fitting that the American government would destroy the gift of freedom we gave your country almost 200 years ago -- and then try to blame it on us!"
  2. Datacube from Paul Denton: "I also managed to document some of UNATCO's less than shining operations, including their role in the Statue bombing."