DXMD stealth hacking software
Stealth Software is a hacking software in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The item is usable during the hacking minigame.


Since Stealth Software acts as a native subroutine, it cannot be detected by the active system countermeasures. It can evade any firewall traps laid on internodal bridges.

Gameplay Edit

Stealth Software reduces the detection rating on a node to 0%, regardless of its rating, thereby allowing the player to capture any nodes without risk of detection. Spam API nodes are the exception to this rule; such nodes are unaffected by this software and will remain at 100% detection chance. Stealth Software also allows the player to evade any Firewall booby traps hidden in-between nodes.

Each use of Stealth Software increase the "stealth moves" count by 1, as shown at the bottom-right part of the hacking interface. The number of stealth moves can be stacked by successively activating Stealth Software, if multiple copies of the software are available.

The item is sold by the merchants Costache in Prague and Entity in Golem City, and can also be found in various locations in the game.

Notes Edit

  • The basement of Future-Past Antiký has a level 5 keypad that can be exploited for an unlimited supply of Stealth Software. Each time the keypad is unlocked, it can be reset back to the "locked status" using the hidden button behind the antique clock, allowing the keypad to be repeatedly hacked. During each hack, the datastore in the node map will contain a copy of Stealth Software.
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