Steiner-Bisley GmbH, also called Steiner-Bisley Industries, is a German weapons and robotics manufacturing company based in Düsseldorf. Their logo is a stylized letter S, which is the first letter of the company's name. Steiner-Bisley products are common in the 2020s.


Steiner-Bisley produces weapons, weapon attachments, and armed robots. Its products have designs that suggest high manufacturing quality.[1]


Weapon attachmentsEdit

Robots and automated devices Edit

Other products Edit

  • Hefecrocken beer, produced by Hefecrocken Brauerei, a division of Steiner-Bisley.[2]

Notes Edit

  • Steiner-Bisley is featured in Breach. The Darknet file A Life's Work concerns an investigation for an ex-Steiner-Bisley employee, who was allegedly robbed of his designs for a revolutionary new power source.


  • The company name appears to be a reference to the Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg comedy series, Spaced, in which the main characters are named Daisy Steiner and Tim Bisley.
  • The name is also similar to the Steiner-Ginn gun brand in the science fiction novel Endymion by Dan Simmons.
  • Despite being of German origin and base, all weapons and other products by Steiner-Bisley bears English-styled names.
  • Bisley is the name of the British NRA's (National Rifles Association's) shooting range in Surrey, United Kingdoms.
  • Steiner-Bisley has a company website created for the Mankind Divided ad campaign, which can be visited here.

References Edit

  1. According to The Art of Deus Ex Universe, weapon designs in Deus Ex: Human Revolution were divided into "Germasia" and "Amerussia" groups, the former having characteristics of high manufacturing quality, and the latter having characteristics of lower manufacturing costs.
  2. According to the in-game description for Hefecrocken beer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall.
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