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Steiner-Bisley GmbH, also called Steiner-Bisley Industries, is a German weapons and robotics manufacturing company based in Düsseldorf. Their logo is a stylized letter S, which is the first letter of the company's name. Steiner-Bisley products are common in the 2020s.


Steiner-Bisley produces weapons, weapon attachments, and armed robots. Its products have designs that suggest high manufacturing quality.[2]


Weapon attachments[]

Robots and automated devices[]

Other products[]

  • Hefecrocken beer, produced by Hefecrocken Brauerei, a division of Steiner-Bisley.[1]


  • Steiner-Bisley is featured in Breach. The Darknet file A Life's Work concerns an investigation for an ex-Steiner-Bisley employee, who was allegedly robbed of his designs for a revolutionary new power source.


  • The company name is a reference to the two main characters of the British comedy series Spaced, Daisy Steiner and Tim Bisley.[3]
  • Despite being of German origin and base, all weapons and other products by Steiner-Bisley bear English-styled names.
  • Steiner-Bisley had a company website, (archived copy) which was created for the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided marketing campaign.


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