Strike Team 6 is the name of a Belltower Associates PMC tactical force, lead by Ben Saxon. Sam Duarte was one of its members. During the events of Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, the group was sent on Operation Rainbird to participate in a quick strike. However, the mission had failed when the plane was attacked by a flying drone. The team was wiped out in the ambush, except for Saxon and Duarte, although they were unaware of the other's survival. The group's deaths would motivate Saxon to join the Tyrants and hunt down Mikhail Kontarsky. Saxon later discovered Kontarsky's innocents and that the real saboteurs were the Tyrants themselves, having orchestrated the ambush to trick Saxon into joining them. While Ben was unsuccessful in exacting his revenge he managed to escape the Tyrants. Duarte was recruited as Saxon's replacement and sent to Panama to assassinate a WHO investigator. He struck right as Saxon was trying to warn the investigator of the danger. The two former team members were surprised by the other's survival, but Duarte ordered to kill Saxon. He did not have a chance as he was -reordered the exfiltrate. Later, Duarte swore to kill Saxon, the next time they met. Strike Team 6 was unknowingly avenged by Adam Jensen when he killed the Tyrants.

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