Stunprod IW

Stun Prod

"Delivers a short-ranged electrical stun attack to a single organic target."
- description of Stun Prod, Deus Ex: Invisible War
The Stun Prod is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The Stun prod appears to be an evolution of the Riot prod, as both weapons use electricity to knock people unconscious.


The Stun prod shoots a beam of electricity at a target near the user. While the target is being hit with the beam, they will be stunned. Ammo is consumed at a fairly low rate while the Stun prod is being used.

This weapon has no effect on mechanical foes.


  • Try to make sure there is only one enemy around before using the stun prod. This is because the Stun prod only works on one enemy, makes the user unable to quickly counter-attack when being hit by enemies, and takes a while to work.
  • Nearby characters will attack or run away if they see the player stunning someone. Crouching before attacking will make it harder for enemies to spot the player.
  • The Stun prod can be used to take out multiple groups of enemies, but it's slow DPS makes it quite difficult to use without getting spotted and attacked.