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Supply crates are destructible objects in Deus Ex that provide various items to the player when they are destroyed.


Supply crates usually hold one item, and must be broken to retrieve the item inside. Crates can be destroyed by any weapon (excluding the pepper gun, riot prod, and fire extinguisher). Melee weapons such as the Combat Knife, Baton, and Dragon's Tooth Sword are useful for breaking crates without expending any ammunition.


There are 3 varieties of supply crates:

Type Typical Content Default Content*
Combat Supply Crate Various kinds of ammo, and rarely weapons 10mm Ammo
General Supply Crate Consumable items, such as bioelectric cells and lockpicks. Lockpick
Medical Supply Crate Medkits and sometimes bioelectric cells. Medkit

*The default content as defined for the respective classes CrateBreakableMedCombat, CrateBreakableMedGeneral, and CrateBreakableMedMedical.