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"A rather nasty-looking sword."
— description of Sword, Deus Ex

The Sword (Dao) is a low-tech skill weapon in Deus Ex.

This weapon can be found on the roof of the Hong Kong Helipad in a crate, on the roof of the VersaLife sky scraper, in a stash in the Hong Kong market, and in the hands of Triads doing battle in canal road. 

They are in other places like on the smugglers boat and in the Luminous Path compound laying around and in the hands of Luminous Path soldiers.


The Dao is a Chinese broad-bladed sword used by the Triads in melee and as their traditional weapons in Hong Kong, with a more intensive use since the installation of a system of acoustic sensors able to detect gunfire in 2052.

In China, the Dao is known as one of the four major weapons, referred to as "The General of All Weapons".

Paul Denton can use a sword in the first mission in Liberty Island after he goes out of ammo.


  • Picking up a sword in the MJ12 Helibase will make it easier for melee users to take down enemies in the base due to it's improved damage compared to the crowbar and the combat knife.
  • The sword is quickly made obsolete, as the Dragon Tooth's sword is obtained soon after the sword can first be picked up.


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