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Synthetic Heart

Synthetic Heart is a torso augmentation in Deus Ex. It is a nanotechnological augmentation that, when activated, temporarily increases the level of all other active augmentations by 1.

This augmentation is installed from the augmentation canister that also includes Power Recirculator. Since there is only one copy of this canister, Power Recirculator and Synthetic Heart are mutually exclusive options.


This synthetic heart circulates not only blood but a steady concentration of mechanochemical power cells, smart phagocytes, and liposomes containing prefab diamondoid machine parts, resulting in upgraded performance for all installed augmentations.

<UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE JR133-VIOLET> However, this will not enhance any augmentation past its maximum upgrade level. -- Jaime Reyes <END NOTE>

— Description in Deus Ex


While activated, Synthetic Heart temporarily increases the tier level of all other active augmentations by 1. The increase in tier level lasts until Synthetic Heart is turned off. Synthetic Heart has no effect on augmentations that are already fully upgraded.

Synthetic Heart consumes bioelectric energy at a rate of 100 units/minute.

Synthetic Heart has only one tech tier and cannot be upgraded.

Canister locations[]


  • Synthetic Heart can serve as a substitute for augmentation upgrade canisters, at the cost of its 100 units/minute energy consumption. Since only 19 upgrade canisters can be obtained throughout the game, it is not possible to upgrade every augmentation to tech 4. However, with Synthetic Heart, augmentations upgraded to tech 3 can be operated at tech 4, and upgrading all augmentations other than the Synthetic Heart to tech 3 would require only 16 upgrade canisters.
  • Due to what may be a bug or oversight, tech 3 or lower Spy Drone does not function correctly when used in conjunction with Synthetic Heart. Please see the page for Spy Drone for details.