Computer tfrase

T. Frase's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in the basement of Osgood and Sons Imports in the Warehouse District of New York City. The login is tfrase and the password is valleyforge.


RE: Collateral DamageEdit

From:  HGrimaldi//NYCNET.999.999.03
To: TFrase/NYCNET.999.999.48
Subject: RE: Collateral Damage

I've done my best to convey this to my people, but to be frank, I think we'll need to assume that collateral damage is inevitable and mobilize our own propaganda efforts _now_ in order to blunt or defect any negative psychological repercussions. Most of those in the field haven't had any formal military training, and I'm already receiving reports that the action in Hell's Kitchen has resulted in a number of "friendly fire" casualties and hostage situations, UNATCO's counter-attack has been more aggressive than expected, and some of our troops are going to make bad decisions under pressure.


>We need to impress upon those under our command that
>collateral damage in the form of civilian casualties
>must be avoided at all possible costs -- the value of
>dead or wounded civilians to UNATCO propaganda efforts
>is incalculable and will significantly set back our

Good LuckEdit

Subject: Good Luck

I'm prepared to depart for the airfield to oversee the final stages of the operation. Direct communication will be difficult until the airfield can be secured, but I'll debrief our friend once we rendezvous there and send any necessary tactical updates via couriers.


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