DXMD tesla ammo
TESLA Cartridge is used to operate the TESLA augmentation in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


These cartridges are designed for use with the Targeted Electrical Discharge System (TESLA). They are capable of providing short 20,000 volt arcs of projected electricity, causing non-lethal fibrillation of neuromuscular fibres and loss of consciousness. They are single-use.

Notable locations Edit

  • An 8-round pack can be crafted anytime using 75 crafting parts.
  • Sold by the merchants Tars in Prague and Louis Gallois in Golem City.
  • 3 rounds can be found in the Executive Safes, Section A, #A04, in the Palisade Property Bank.
  • 6 rounds can be found in the Tai Yong Medical vault in the Palisade Property Bank.
  • 8 rounds are found in a weapon case in the locked area, under the railroad, to the southwest of The Music Box.
  • If all optional objectives were completed in M1: Black Market Buy, during the third visit to Prague, 2 rounds will be found in the Jinn stash, in the storage unit with double doors near the pedestrian bridge.

Gallery Edit

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