A computer in the Archives.

The TYM Archives computers are a set of computers in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They can be found in the Archive rooms near the Data Core Room in Tai Yong Medical's Headquarters.

Quan Zimen's computer[edit | edit source]

This computer can be found in Archive A-2. It is unlocked.

The Dutchman[edit | edit source]

FROM: Narayn Sonam
TO: Quan Zimen

Version 1
Thought you'd want to know – windmill won't be bothering us anymore. Peng says he’s been officially "retired." Unfortunately, we still have to hunt down all those “Easter Eggs” he left us. Last thing we need is a "Sarif-style infiltration."


Version 2
Note: This version appears if Jensen gave van Bruggen a weapon during the raid on Alice Garden Pods.

Bad news. Peng says Windmill slipped their net. Somebody helped him -- which means all those little "Easter Eggs" he hid inside our systems just became our biggest security threat. Rally the team. We might have to go line by line till we find them.


Fu Jiayi's computer[edit | edit source]

This computer is located in Archive A-3. It has a security rating of 3; the login is jfu.

URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED[edit | edit source]

FROM: 419@scowlingmask.ni
TO: Fu Jiayi

Dear Sir,

Confidential Business Proposal

Having consulted with my colleagues and based on the information gathered from the Nigerian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry, I have the privilege to request for your assistance to transfer the sum of 47,500,000.00 (forty seven million, five hundred thousand credits) into your accounts. The above sum resulted from an over-invoiced contract, executed commissioned and paid for about five years (5) ago by a foreign contractor. This action was however intentional and since then the fund has been in a suspense account at The Central Bank Of Nigeria Apex Bank.

We are now ready to transfer the fund overseas and that is where you come in. It is important to inform you that as civil servants, we are forbidden to operate a foreign account; that is why we require your assistance. The total sum will be shared as follows: 70% for us, 25% for you an5% for local and international expenses incident to the transfer.

The transfer is risk free on both sides. I am an accountant with the Nigerian National Transhumanism Corporation (NNTC). If you find this proposal acceptable, we shall require the following documents:

(a) your banker’s name, telephone, account and fax numbers.
(b) your private telephone and fax numbers – for confidentiality and easy communication.
(c) your letter-headed paper stamped and signed

Alternatively we will furnish you with the text of what to type into your letter-headed paper, along with a breakdown explaining, comprehensively what we require of you. The business will take us thirty (30) working days to accomplish.

Please reply urgently.

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