One of the Data Core Room computers.

The Data Core Room computers are a series of computers appearing in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They are located in the Data Core Room of the Tai Yong Medical Headquarters.

Rajesh Kumar's computer[edit | edit source]

This computer has a security rating of 2. The login is rkumar and the password is outback.

Phoenix Insta-Messaging Autosave[edit | edit source]

FROM: Narayan Sonam
TO: Rajesh Kumar

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:

>silentspy: Samon, you there?
>silentspy: sumthing bad just went down.
>mouad: what?
>silentspy: I don't know!
>silentspy: windmill pinged me.
>silentspy: said he was puppetmaster 2nite
>silentspy: on bigass corp infil. thing. needed me to receive
>silentspy: incoming data for the Queen.
>mouad: trrifc
>silentspy: datastream was DWNLDing but then
>silentspy: CRASH! whole system wigged out
>mouad: u try reconncting?
>silentspy: yes, windmill won't answer.
>mouad: what about the data?
>silentspy: corrupted.
>silentspy: might be able to salvage something though.
>mouad: do it.
>silentspy: what about windmill? think he's hurt?
>muoad: if we're lcky.
>muoad: eitherway, he screwed up BGTME :)

Security computer[edit | edit source]

This computer is located in a room occupied by TYM security guards. The computer is unlocked.

Maintenance Report - Boxguards[edit | edit source]

FROM: TYM Maintenance
TO: All Security Staff


Please be advised that a full Maintenance Check and Diagnostic has been conducted on the Boxguard Units located in the Hangar Area . All units have passed inspection and are fit for deployment.

The next scheduled maintenance report will be conducted at the beginning of the Production Cycle.

Mailbox Regulations[edit | edit source]

FROM: TYM Management

A reminder to all Tai Yong Medical employees: Strict adherence to the current limit of four (4) emails per-inbox is mandatory for all personnel. Failure to follow directives set by your department’s administrator can and will result in immediate disciplinary actions being taken against repeat offenders. Immediate archival of all communication is not just policy, it’s the law.

Be neat, be tidy. Be safe.

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