Tablet Collector is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded for finding and reading all the eBooks in the base game (DLC eBooks are not counted), on the same playthrough.

There are 75 eBooks in the base game. Reading an eBook gives you a 100 XP "Scholar" bonus, making it a grand total of 7500 XP (worthy of a praxis kit).

Note that some eBooks have the same title, but are different sections – you must get each one to get the achievement.

Important Story ChoicesEdit

Some eBooks are only available during certain missions, so to collect them all on a single playthrough (as required to get the achievement) you must complete certain missions:

eBook LocationsEdit

City eBook Title Location
Dubai Tales of the Arabian Front Near the Jinn's signal booster (in one of the penthouses). The same place where you complete the objective "Jam the signal booster".
Prague How Not to Get Yourself Killed In the hidden floorboard of the bedroom in Adam Jensen's apartment.
Prague Juggernaut Collective: Interpol Case File 679310 On Adam Jensen's dining table.
Prague In Terror Firma, part 1 On Adam Jensen's kitchen island, near the laptop.
Prague The MachineGod In Zeleň Apartments, apartment #41 (one right across from Jensen's).
Prague An Appeal to Basic Humanity in Zeleň Apartments, apartment #23, on the kitchen counter.
Prague Church of the MachineGod In a 2nd floor apartment near the pawn shop. Look for the lift near the rubble and use it to get to the apartment. The eBook is on the table.
Prague Contemporary Art Review Above Drahomír's false police checkpoint, jump or ride the lift to the second floor apartment. It’s on the ground near the easel.
Prague Radko Perry Bursts Onto Local Political Scene Inside Radko Perry Campaign Headquarters, on the far left table when you enter.
Prague The Social Monitor: The New Mystics Use the delivery entrance to Time Machine and it'll be on the far left table in the room (near the corner bookcases).
Prague Global Politics Review (2029 Edition), chapter 7 In Koller’s office, on the table with the female statue.
Prague Flesh and Chrome: Parker and Linwood In Koller's workshop. You have to move a painting to reveal the secret passage to get to it. The eBook is in the right locker.
Prague World's Most Wanted, part 1 Also in Koller's workshop, look on the nightstand next to the bed.
Prague Per Aspera Ad Astra Near Koníčky & Hračky (the toy factory) is a bar with a red Dai-Taga sign. Above the bar is an apartment and the eBook is on the bed.
Prague Toys That Kill On the first floor’s windowsill of Koníčky & Hračky (the toy factory).
Prague A City Designed for You! On the second floor of Koníčky & Hračky (the toy factory) where Milena is. The eBook is on the night table beside the balcony doors.
Prague Top 10 Tech... Abandoned Technologies During SM02 (Cult of Personality) get into Richard's room on the 2nd floor. There’s a couch with the eBook on it.
Prague New Regulations for Augmented Citizens On the bar inside Svobody Beer.
Prague The Next Three Decades, Fall of an Empire On the table in the locked room in Svobody Beer's basement.
Prague Global Politics Review (2029 Edition), chapter 8 Behind the entrance to Čapek Fountain Station is Minimarket (if you did SM01: The Golden Ticket, this is where you met Edward Brod). The eBook is on the counter next to the soda machine.
Prague Global Politics Review (2029 Edition), chapter 5 Overlooking Čapek Fountain, across from the Church of the MachineGod, is a 2nd floor apartment. You can use the ladder for the billboard to jump your way over or use the lift on the other side to get in.
Prague R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) On a folding chair in Vincent Van Aug's basement (if you did SM01: The Golden Ticket, this is where you met Irenka Bauer).
Prague R.U.R. (act III of Karel Capek's play continued…) On the stage in Vincent Van Aug's basement.
Prague The Juggernaut Collective (manifesto) In the courtyard in Southern Prague north of Drahomir's checkpoint. It is sitting on an armrest next to the tree in the northwest corner.
Prague Bob Page - Anatomy of a Prodigy Just as you enter Palisade Bank's reception area, to the left on a couch.
Prague Jus In Bello, part 3 Go up the stairs and behind the reception desk in Palisade Bank and it’s on a table between 2 seats.
Prague Palisade: Clients & Services In Palisade Bank. Take the stairs down to the Executive Safes floor and enter the Executive Services office (restricted area). The eBook is on the desk.
Prague Palisade: Property & Data Protection Go to the level 3 offices in Palisade Bank and enter the CEO/CTO office. Open the secret door via mechanical puzzle (raise, turn, raise, turn, turn, raise). The eBook is on the cabinet to the left.
Prague Collapse of an Industry, Last Man Standing Inside Ludvik's Lounge, on the window table to your left.
Prague Global Politics Review (2029 Edition), chapter 4 Behind Palisade Station is an apartment. Using the klipspringer mod, jump on top of the nearby lamppost, then to the billboard and then to the balcony. The eBook is on the small table.
Prague The Long Mean While Chapter 27 Located on the balcony above Negozio Di Magia. Use klipspringer to jump up there using nearby balconies. It is on a table on the balcony.
Prague Růžička's Vision for the Future Right inside the Autodily shop, on the table.
Prague Family Values Take the sewer manhole located behind Tubehouse Electronics to reach Otar Botkoveli's casino. The eBook is on the 2nd floor in the corner sitting area.
Prague Santeau - Rise of A Corpo-Nation: Birth of a Giant Inside Rose's Garden, near the front windows.
Prague The Czech Republic Enters the 21st Century Rose's Garden roof. Go up to the 2nd floor terrace of Rose's Garden, then jump onto the roof. It's on the mattress.
Prague U.N. Resolution 3507 (2029) TF29's holding cell area, on a chair.
Prague The Long Mean While Chapter 1 TF29, Daniel Fletcher's office, near some books.
Prague In Terror Firma, part 2 TF29, talk to Aria to get your shooting range pass. Enter the firing range and it's on an armchair near the door.
Prague Task Force 29 - Mission Statement TF29's Counter Terrorism room (2nd floor). It's on the desk in the middle of the room.
Prague Modern Business Review: Hacks of Aggression TF29, in Jim Miller's office, on his desk.
Prague The Social Monitor: The Shame of Aug Ghettos In Monument Station, in the designated augs waiting area. It's on the benches.
Prague Růžička's Augmented Platform Crumbles In the Tourist Information Center, behind the metro ticket window.
Prague Modern Business Review: Editorial In LIMB clinic's basement.
Prague The Next Three Decades, World Police Apartment over the bar, opposite from the LIMB clinic. Go into the basement and through the locked door in the last room. Make your way up the pipes to the vent cover and into the apartment. If you have Remote Hacking and a fully upgraded Icarus Dash, you can get to it from the street.
Prague TECH-A-TETE Magazine In Libuše Apartments, apartment #96 (Nomad Stanek's apartment).
Prague The Sleepwalking World, Human Depopulation... In Růžička Station, go to the Dazzle shop ("bookstore" on the map). It’ll be lying next to the chalk outline.
Prague A., I Only available during your second visit to Prague (night time). Go to Johnny Gunn’s apartment (Libuše Apartments, #85). It’s on the bathroom floor.
Prague Collapse of an Industry, L.I.M.B. This one can only be accessed during your second Prague visit (at night) in the Red Light District. It is in a 3rd floor apartment in the alley next to the Temp Tacle building. If you have the klipspringer aug you can simply jump up the archway then jump over to the balcony.
Prague The Next Three Decades, A New Russia? This one can only be accessed during your second Prague visit (at night) and is in the Dvali apartments. Make your way to the top floor and it’s in apartment #94, below the TV.
Prague Borderline Magazine On the same floor as the previous eBook, go to apartment #95. It’s sitting on a shelf near the TV. (Only accessible during second Prague visit)
Prague AJ09-0921 Patient X This one can only be accessed if you do M12: The Heist. Once you call down the VersaLife Vault, you’ll find the eBook next to the computer after the cutscene.
Prague The Singularity Church of the Machine God You can find this one either during M11 or after the bank heist (before or after martial law). Enter room 90 and head all the way over to the table with the fancy chair. It’s sitting there on the table.
Prague Global Politics Review (2029 Edition), Chapter 6 You can find this one either during M11 or after the bank heist (before or after Martial Law). Head to the second floor and enter room 91. It’ll be on a table in front of you.
Prague The Sleepwalking World, Tectonic Weapons… You can find this one either during M11 or after the bank heist (before or after Martial Law). Go into room 92 and enter the bathroom in the diagonally opposite corner. It’s lying on the floor.
Prague In the Footsteps of the Harvester You need to have successfully completed SM10: The Harvester during your second Prague trip to access this one during your third trip. Once SM11: The Last Harvest starts, go to Daria’s apartment and it’ll be on a small table in the corner across from the TV.
Prague Tai Yong Medical Report Same mission requisites as the previous eBook. Hack Daria’s computer to read an email from a doctor in Prague. Head to the pharmacy and move the refrigerator upstairs to get it.
Prague World's Most Wanted, part 2 In the Dvali Theater, look on one of the couches in Radich Nikoladze’s office for this eBook.
Golem City Pride in Prejudice After talking to Adéla Sokol, continue towards the Narrows but don't go down the stairs. It’s in the unit next to Sokol’s, 000125, on the table below the storage units.
Golem City Collapse of an Industry, Falling Star After you talk to Tibor, head towards the end of the room and through the door on the right. Go past the lasers into the room at the end of the restricted section and it’ll be on the poker table.
Golem City Promise of a Better Life! From the room where you found the previous eBook, go through the window or vent in the room and follow the passageway (careful of the gas mine) to a small market. It’ll be on the table in the middle, with the box of carrots.
Golem City Flesh and Chrome, chapter 9 Facing away from the elevator in the market, go forward to a flight of stairs and go down to find a nursery/school. The eBook is inside, sitting on a table to the left.
Golem City Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation, Growth In Štědrý Market (the main marketplace) look for it on a table between the Koreni and Cerstve Maso shops.
Golem City Global Politics Review (2029 Edition), chapter 1 From the previous eBook, go up the nearest flight of stairs (covered with jugs on the side) and go through the doorway on the left. It’ll be in the first bunk room, on the bottom right bed.
Golem City Two Bloody Cheeks From the elevator in the market, turn and go up one flight of stairs to unit 150252. It’s sitting on the desk straight ahead.
Golem City The Sleepwalking World, The Aug Incident... After the cutscene when you enter RVAC Row, go over to the ladder and climb up, then go up the flight of stairs and down the laundry hall. Near the end on the right is a door, 550401. The eBook is on the center table.
Golem City The Inconvenient Aug, Chapter 17 On the second level of Ridit Station. From the main entrance, climb up on the right to the 2nd level and go all the way down through the server room until you’re in front of a window. Turn right and you’ll see it on a nearby desk.
Golem City The Inconvenient Aug, Chapter 12 On the second level of Ridit Station, before the turret and elevator, is a room (400125). It’s sitting on the first desk if you enter through the door.
Golem City Talos Rucker: An Autobiography, Chapter 4 After the confrontation with Talos Rucker, turn back to the doors you came through and you’ll see it on a desk near the TV.
Golem City The Inconvenient Aug, Chapter 2 You need Talos Rucker’s keycard for this one, which he either gave you if you won the conversation, or is behind a bottle of alcohol in his desk if you didn’t. Use it to enter the secret room and you’ll see the eBook on the red sofa straight ahead.
GARM Facility Billion Dollar Daydreams To get this eBook, after you wake up go over to right side of the fan and you’ll see a vent you can break and a switch that’ll turn off the fan. Enter through the fan’s shaft and climb the ladder to get into the control room. The eBook is on the middle table.
GARM Facility City as Product In Hangar 1, make your way to the stairs in the northwest corner and enter the office at the top. It’ll be on the table with the laptop.
GARM Facility Jus in Bello, part 4 In Hangar 2, go to the covered tent with the 2 box robots. It’s sitting on a table near the north end of the room (after the 2nd robot).
London Tarvos: Mission Statement & Company Bio As soon as you get off the elevator from the helipad, there’ll be a guard you talk to behind a window. It’ll be on the desk he’s standing in front of.
London Port in a Storm In the reception hall of the Apex Centre. Look towards the windows from where the DJ is and head towards them. You’ll come across a yellow sofa to the right. The eBook is sitting on it.
London Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation, Future Vision You need to save the delegates first, or use the secret passage during the fight with Marchenko. Once the cutscene finishes, it’ll be on one of the tables.
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