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The Taggart Act is a piece of legislation issued by the United Nations in 2028 that is designed to strictly regulate and restrict the mechanical augmentation industry. The United Nations issued the Act in response to the worldwide crisis caused by the Aug Incident.

The Taggart Act includes a strict classification and licensing system, and requires that all augmentation products obtain an official seal before they can be sold. The act only targets mechanical augmentation products and the companies that make them.[1]

To cope with rising violence and prejudice against augmented people, governments all over the world independently enact this act to “protect” their augmented citizens.[1]

Combined with the aftermath of the Aug Incident, the Taggart Act leads to the augmentation industry's collapse, with Tai Yong Medical being the only known company in the augmentations industry to survive the crisis.


The Taggart Act is presumably named after William Taggart, the founder and leader of the anti-augmentation group Humanity Front.