Tai Yong Medical & You! is a series of eBooks in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They can be found throughout the Tai Yong Medical complex in Hengsha. This series includes the following parts:

  • "Corporate Background" - in the lower city factory, in a locker inside the room accessed through a catwalk.
  • "Corporate History" - on a table in the conference room in Zhao Yun Ru's penthouse.

Corporate Background[edit | edit source]

A multinational biotechnology company based in and around the Hengsha Island development nexus in China, Tai Yong Medical specializes in the manufacture and sale of human augmentation hardware. TYM is proud to be one of the market leaders in our chosen industry, and with our ongoing strategic partnerships and corporate mergers, our board of directors are committed to making us the principal augmentation producer across the globe by the year 2030.

Tai Yong Medical is a cost-effective alternative when choosing augmentation manufacturers. We have earned this title by selling our products at or near cost price direct to our clients, be they corporate, governmental or private. Our aggressive market presence has seen us expand to become the employer of over 9,500 people in China, Japan, the United States, Nigeria, South Africa and Mexico, with branch offices in six more nations.

Corporate History[edit | edit source]

Tai Yong Medical was incorporated in Shanghai in 1977, as a designer/manufacturer of silicon prosthetic limbs. Throughout the 1980's, TYM grew to become a moderately-sized company with two factories in the People's Republic of China and sales all across South East Asia; but it was in 2009, when Zhao Yun Ru, one of China's first - and youngest - CEOs brought her unique vision to the company that Tai Yong became a name known around the world.

Working with the Army of the People's Republic, Yun Ru's altruism and business acumen cemented an arrangement to supply augmentations to amputee combat veterans, making Tai Yong Medical a corporate force to be reckoned with, fuelling new expansion across South East Asia, and growing African markets; later, in 2017, TYM was invited to take part in the audacious Hengsha Island project, leading to the construction of its corporate headquarters.

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